I Love Wooden Shutters!

Posted on: April 1, 2015

Wooden Shutters

After 13 years in Carpentry/Building my time came to be welcomed into the family business. I have grown up in the world of blinds, from an early age perfecting the art of chaining up vertical slats.

Leaving school the road took me along the construction route, but in the back of my mind i was always planning a career in my parents business.

August 2011, I made the move into Bourne Blinds and Flooring, eager to learn and push the business forward.

I was instantly drawn to the wood shutters, being my background in carpentry i suppose. The product is faultless in my eyes, so i began to perfect my craft in wood shutters.
January/february 2014 we sold more wood shutters than the whole of 2013……..and we sold a lot then.

I think that our experience in the blind trade and carpentry was a great combination and has helped give our clients the confidence when going ahead with. In my eyes the No1 product on the market!!

There are a lot of cowboy salesmen and believe me…..fitters.

Take your time, listen to advice from a well established family run company…..We’ll do the rest!!