Seagrass Flooring


Seagrass is a great alternative style flooring. These original natural floors have beautiful golden colours with thick fibers which give the Seagrass a real authentic and natural presence.

At Bourne Blinds and Flooring we have a great range of fashionable and stylish Seagrass floors available. Whether you want the floor to be fashionably chunky or beautifully fine; Bourne Blinds and flooring are here!

Our Seagrass flooring is available in Natural, Basketweave and Herringbone designs. Plus, we only use the best suppliers to ensure that you receive the best quality.

We ensure that we use the highest quality of materials for our flooring. This coupled with our vast experience, ensures that you receive the best possible product with the best possible service. If you’d like to know more, please call us on 01945 430 496 or email us using the form.

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